What are the benefits of BCS @Home?

  • Recognizing the central role of parents in education
  • An extension of the BCS community which allows for flexibility in time and space
  • Personalize your child’s learning by choosing from a wide variety of online or print based curriculum
  • Supportive and experienced BCS @Home teachers
  • Fully integrated into the social fabric of the school allowing you to connect to the community (field trips, special events, athletics, chapel, small groups, etc.)
  • Options to take special classes developed for BCS @Home students as well as courses on campus

What school activities can BCS @Home students participate in?

BCS @Home students and families have participated in:

  • Weekly Chapels
  • Special Activities
    Examples include: Start of the year BBQ; remembrance day ceremony; service opportunities; family ski day; family movie nights; discipleship workshops and many more…
  • Class field trips
  • Class special events & activities
    Examples include: Science presentations; guest speakers; theme days
  • Extracurricular activities
    Athletics, clubs, theatre, science fair, worship teams and after school programming

If my student attends BCS events will they feel out of place or excluded?

BCS Teachers are intentional about making sure that BCS @Home students feel that they are a part of their class during activities, events and field trips. BCS students recognize BCS @Home students as special visitors to the classroom and are excited to welcome them as new friends. Commonly, BCS Teachers will partner BCS @Home students with compatible students within the class.

Parents are allowed and are actually encouraged to attend the first field trip or special event to help their child feel comfortable with the group. Often after one time, parents have found that their children are comfortable in attending without them.

Is BCS @Home a good fit for traditional Home Schooling Families?

BCS @Home supports parental choice and seeks to support your critical role of being the primary spiritual care giver and educator. While being supportive of Home Education we also provide many opportunities for families to connect with the life of Bearspaw Christian School. As an established and well known private Christian School we are a great option for home education families!

Can I use my own curriculum?

Home education parents are responsible for program planning. You may decide which courses from the Alberta Program of Studies will be followed, if any. Where a home education program does not follow the Alberta Programs of Study, the parent providing the program must certify, using the form set by the Minister, that the activities selected by the parent for the year will enable the student to achieve the Schedule of Outcomes. The BCS @Home Teachers are very knowledgeable about curriculum and resources that will support your child’s academic growth and development. BCS @Home reimburses families who purchase their own curriculum that supports and is listed on the education program plan.

Does BCS @Home offer classes specifically for homeschooling students?


Classes are offered at Bearspaw Christian School! They are clustered together so that students can participate in more than one class during a visit. Generally classes run for 8-12 weeks and have included specialty / option courses such as physical education, art and drama as well as academic enrichment courses that support students in their core courses.

What types of families choose BCS @Home?

All types! Some examples include:

  • Parents who want more involvement in their child’s education
  • Families that want more flexibility in time and space. Some reasons for this may include:
    • Families that travel
    • Athletes or other students who spend a significant amount of time training after school hours
    • Students who want more time to pursue personal passions and interests
  • Students that learn at a different pace
  • Students that find more success in an environment outside of the classroom
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