Program Highlights
Home Education

Home education recognizes the central role of parents in the education of children. As a parent, you know your child better than anyone else and have the deepest amount of care and love for them. Home education allows for an individualized tutorial environment that builds a love for lifelong learning and instills your family values while supporting the unique and special ways that God has created your children.

The most fundamental characteristic of a home education program relates to responsibility for supervision and instruction. When you opt for a home education program for your child, you have the responsibility for planning, supervising, and basically running your child’s education program. Either you or someone you have selected will deliver the program to the student. As a supervising school, we will support home education in a number of ways. Please see the rights and responsibilities for both parents and the school.

Program Details

  • Up to $850.00 in funding to support the education plan
  • Teachers are supportive of home education, parents, and students, and are informed about the special characteristics of tutorial learning
  • Teachers facilitate student learning by offering assistance and advice to parents providing home education programs
  • Teachers conduct two evaluations of student progress each year
  • BCS @Home provides ongoing information to parents about the services and opportunities available to families through the school
  • BCS @Home students are fully integrated into the social fabric of the school, allowing you to connect to the community and extracurricular activities (field trips, special events, athletics, clubs, chapel, small groups, etc.)
Distance Education

[email protected] is proud to offer new distance education options for families that want the flexibility of schooling at home, while still being supported by external teaching and guidance from BCS teachers. There are now three options for conducting distance education offered by [email protected]: BCS Online, Print-Based Distance Education, and Shared Responsibility. Families who choose [email protected] Distance Education will have the opportunity to achieve academic excellence under the guidance of a faith-based school board ranked in the top 2.7 per cent of all high schools in Alberta. [email protected] Distance Education is unique from other online and print-based school options in Alberta, in that students in all facets of the distance education branch are welcome to join in all extracurriculars with the students at the BCS campus location, including sports tryouts, drama teams and chapel services as they choose. We are so excited to offer a way for families to experience the connectedness and flexibility of online school while being guided by the dedicated online teachers at [email protected]

Cubs @Home

Cubs @Home is a non-funded program to support Christian families that would like to homeschool for Kindergarten. We are offering Cubs @Home to allow an initial experience with home-based learning and for BCS @Home to build a relationship with your family. Cubs @Home offers opportunities to connect to both our @Home program and the school itself by joining field trips, special activities, events, and by receiving information and helpful resources from the school.

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