Mrs. Jodi JansenBCS @Home Teacher

I am excited to be joining the BSC @Home teaching staff this year! I obtained my B. Ed. from the University of Saskatchewan in 1993. For the past fourteen years I have educated, discipled and invested in my four daughters. Homeschooling has been the catalyst for fostering deep and healthy relationships within our family and a real and growing faith in each of our girls. My husband, a pastor and church planter, often acknowledges the great amount of time that homeschooling permits me, as mom, to speak into the lives of our children. It is such a unique educational and lifestyle choice and potentially offers such a wealth of opportunity to our children. I am so looking forward to sharing my experiences and hearing and gleaning from yours. Apart from academics, my kids have been seen in and around Calgary and area, for the last 7 or 8 years, singing as a folk band, the JansenSisters. Being at home allowed them the time to develop their musical talents individually and corporately. As three of my daughters are now pursuing education at Mount Royal University and I am left with just one junior high aged daughter, I am excited about this opportunity to partner with BSC @Home and this community of homeschooling families to see how we can work together to raise up the next generation of Christians for the purpose of displaying Christ to a watching world.

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