Travis PatzerTreasurer

    Travis and his wife Sherri have two daughters that attend BCS, Danica and Riley. Sherri too has been actively involved with BCS, first as a room mom and volunteer and she is presently the Registrar at BCS. Travis, Sherri and their family attend RockPointe Church where their children enjoy the children’s ministry.
    Travis was born and raised on a farm near Ebenezer, Saskatchewan and especially enjoyed seeing God’s handiwork in nature and His provision in harvest time. After graduating high school, Travis attended North American Baptist College in Edmonton, where he met his wife Sherri and they both attained a Certificate of Biblical Studies. Travis and Sherri were married in Calgary where Travis pursued his Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Calgary with a concentration in Finance. During his career in finance Travis earned his Certified Management Accounting (CMA) designation. Travis enjoys his career in Treasury and has a passion for the financial aspects of the organizations he has had an opportunity to be a part of.
    Travis enjoys spending time with his family, watching Danica and Riley’s music and sports activities, playing golf and woodworking.
    Travis looks forward to working with the Board to further the BCS mission and hopes that his time on the Board will be done in the spirit of 1 Peter 4:10.

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