Admissions Intent

BCS focuses on discipling students in Christian faith alongside a strong academic program that provides exceptional experiences for our students. We offer meaningful opportunities for students to express and grow in their faith as well as in giftings in other areas such as athletics, the arts, leadership, and service to the community.

Family Information

At our core, our purpose is to join forces with families in their fundamental responsibility of nurturing and guiding their children to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Our relationship with families is a dynamic partnership, a collaborative effort aimed at offering unwavering support in their journey of raising godly children. Our mission is clear: to stand side by side with parents in this sacred calling. To achieve this shared goal, we require that at least one parent be a Bible-believing Christian, committed to fostering a personal and ever-growing relationship with Jesus. This foundational commitment ensures a unified approach in instilling Christian values, creating a nurturing environment for spiritual development within the family unit.

Student Information

BCS endeavors to maintain a high academic standard for our students. New students should be able to preserve and even help enhance the academic environment at BCS. Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate academic success and a strong work ethic from their current school.

Please check all that apply and list below any that are not included.
Other Information

BCS is an independent school. We receive approximately 50% of the government funding that a public school receives. Therefore, we charge tuition to make up the difference. Please review our tuition webpage to see our rates. BCS also charges a lump sum capital bond/fee of $5000 for each new family that joins BCS. This is payable upon acceptance into BCS. $2500 is a non-refundable capital fee and $2500 is a bond that is refundable when your last child leaves BCS.

Families who join BCS are expected to give of their time and resources to support our events, fundraisers and activities. We need volunteers to make this happen.

Currently BCS is operating at or near 100% of our student capacity. New enrollment space is created when current students withdraw for the upcoming school year. Unfortunately, this means that we are not always able to accommodate new applications and or siblings in the same enrollment year.
Not all applications are successful, and BCS is unable to provide justification for those decisions due to the volume of applications we receive and the complexity of various considerations that contribute to our decision-making process.

Contact Us

Have a question, suggestion, compliment or concern? Let us know and we'll get back to you. <br/> <br/> To report a late or absence use the <a href="">Parent Portal form</a>.

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