Bearspaw Christian School has exceptional, highly qualified staff who continually seek opportunities to grow professionally.  Every staff member is a Christ-follower who is intentional about investing in and building relationships with students to help them achieve their personal best, academically and spiritually.

  • Mr. David Anger
    Mr. David Anger Head of School
  • Mr. Gabriel Choi
    Mr. Gabriel Choi Principal, Middle School
  • Mr. Jeff Covey
    Mr. Jeff Covey Principal, Senior High
  • Mrs. Jenn Lockhart
    Mrs. Jenn Lockhart Principal, Elementary
  • Mrs. Cyndee Sawatzky
    Mrs. Cyndee Sawatzky Principal, [email protected]


  • Mrs. Tammy Acker
    Mrs. Tammy Acker Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Maryann Anger
    Mrs. Maryann Anger Elementary Teacher
  • Ms. Karen Braun
    Ms. Karen Braun Director of Student Support/Elementary Team Lead
  • Mrs. Janice Brooks
    Mrs. Janice Brooks Elementary Music Teacher
  • Mrs. Maria Brophy
    Mrs. Maria Brophy Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Janine Bruce
    Mrs. Janine Bruce Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Shanon Butler
    Mrs. Shanon Butler Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Samantha Elias
    Mrs. Samantha Elias Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Claudine Hanson
    Mrs. Claudine Hanson Elementary Teacher
  • Mr. John Hasegawa
    Mr. John Hasegawa Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Suzanne Hatch
    Mrs. Suzanne Hatch Elementary Teacher, PE
  • Miss Rachel Hunsberger
    Miss Rachel Hunsberger Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Kimberly Huynh
    Mrs. Kimberly Huynh Elementary Teacher
  • Miss Julie Kandalaft
    Miss Julie Kandalaft Elementary Teacher
  • Mr. Kelvin Klaudeman
    Mr. Kelvin Klaudeman Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Heather Klaudeman
    Mrs. Heather Klaudeman Elementary Teacher
  • Mr. Carl Landra
    Mr. Carl Landra Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Kaitlyn McKay
    Mrs. Kaitlyn McKay Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Natalie Moore
    Mrs. Natalie Moore Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Audra Nau
    Mrs. Audra Nau Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Nancy Olfert
    Mrs. Nancy Olfert Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Shara Petch
    Mrs. Shara Petch Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Krista Retzlaff
    Mrs. Krista Retzlaff Elementary Teacher
  • Mr. Don Stephenson
    Mr. Don Stephenson Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Kathleen Wilson
    Mrs. Kathleen Wilson Elementary Teacher


  • Mr. Brian Bridal
    Mr. Brian Bridal Senior High Athletic Director / Secondary Teacher
  • Mrs. Terri Brooks
    Mrs. Terri Brooks Secondary Teacher
  • Mrs. Liz Christensen
    Mrs. Liz Christensen Secondary Teacher
  • Mr. Tim Dukeshire
    Mr. Tim Dukeshire Secondary Teacher
  • Ms. Alicia Francisco
    Ms. Alicia Francisco Secondary Teacher
  • Mrs. Carmaine Hall
    Mrs. Carmaine Hall Secondary Resource Coordinator / Secondary Teacher
  • Mrs. Carol Holmes
    Mrs. Carol Holmes Secondary Teacher
  • Mr. Wilf Kazmaier
    Mr. Wilf Kazmaier Secondary Teacher
  • Mr. Tyler Kenopic
    Mr. Tyler Kenopic Secondary Teacher
  • Mr. Gregory Lee
    Mr. Gregory Lee Secondary Teacher
  • Mrs. Janis Litorco
    Mrs. Janis Litorco Secondary Teacher
  • Mr. Trevor Maekelburger
    Mr. Trevor Maekelburger Secondary Teacher / Technology Coach
  • Mr. Cole Hatchard
    Mr. Cole Hatchard Secondary Teacher
  • Ms. Erin Hillier
    Ms. Erin Hillier Secondary Teacher
  • Mrs. Deanna Oelke
    Mrs. Deanna Oelke Secondary Teacher
  • Mr. Dallas Peterson
    Mr. Dallas Peterson Secondary Teacher
  • Mr. Jesse Roest
    Mr. Jesse Roest Secondary Teacher
  • Mr. Mikiah Schalk
    Mr. Mikiah Schalk Secondary Teacher
  • Mr. Jeff Schneider
    Mr. Jeff Schneider Secondary Teacher
  • Ms. Beverly-Ann Snowden
    Ms. Beverly-Ann Snowden Secondary Teacher
  • Miss Ann Vanderwal
    Miss Ann Vanderwal Secondary Teacher

Education Assistants

  • Mrs. Deanna Bouma
    Mrs. Deanna Bouma Education Assistant
  • Mrs. Karen Buit
  • Mrs. Brandee Carter
    Mrs. Brandee Carter Education Assistant
  • Mrs. Maureen Comeau
    Mrs. Maureen Comeau Education Assistant
  • Mrs. Krista de Jonge
    Mrs. Krista de Jonge Education Assistant
  • Mrs. Yvonne Fournier
    Mrs. Yvonne Fournier Education Assistant
  • Mrs. Sara Gibb
  • Mrs. Kim Harms
    Mrs. Kim Harms Education Assistant
  • Mrs. Susan Heilman
    Mrs. Susan Heilman EDUCATION ASSISTANT
  • Mrs. Rhonda Kirkpatrick
    Mrs. Rhonda Kirkpatrick EDUCATION ASSISTANT
  • Mrs. Patti Klein
    Mrs. Patti Klein Education Assistant
  • Mrs. Kara Reimer
    Mrs. Kara Reimer Education Assistant
  • Mrs. Chelsey Roberts
    Mrs. Chelsey Roberts EDUCATION ASSISTANT
  • Ms. Annette Torhjelm
    Ms. Annette Torhjelm EDUCATION ASSISTANT
  • Miss Rachel Hunsberger
    Miss Rachel Hunsberger Elementary Teacher
  • Mrs. Sarah Vanderwal
    Mrs. Sarah Vanderwal EDUCATION ASSISTANT
  • Mrs. Rhonda Wheeler
    Mrs. Rhonda Wheeler Education Assistant

BCS @Home

  • Miss Micah Jansen
    Miss Micah Jansen BCS @ Home Executive Communications and Administrative Manager
  • Mrs. Laurelle Rollings
    Mrs. Laurelle Rollings BCS @Home Lead Teacher
  • Mrs. Cyndee Sawatzky
    Mrs. Cyndee Sawatzky Principal, [email protected]
  • Mrs. Pam Engquist
    Mrs. Pam Engquist Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs. Sherri Patzer
    Mrs. Sherri Patzer Registrar
  • Mr. Morgan Taylor
    Mr. Morgan Taylor Director of Discipleship
  • Mrs. Beth Dullaard
    Mrs. Beth Dullaard Campus Pastor
  • Mrs. Ally Hildenbrandt
    Mrs. Ally Hildenbrandt Student Counsellor
  • Mr. Seth Ahn
    Mr. Seth Ahn Campus Pastor
  • Mrs. Karen Nagel
    Mrs. Karen Nagel Event Manager
  • Mr. Ray Chan
    Mr. Ray Chan Director of Development and Community Relations Ext. 5801
  • Mrs. Jennifer Stelmaschuk
    Mrs. Jennifer Stelmaschuk Admissions Coordinator
  • Mrs. Erica Roest
    Mrs. Erica Roest Childcare Services Manager
  • Mr. Gord Ryning
    Mr. Gord Ryning Operations Administrator
  • Mrs. Olayinka Adedeji
    Mrs. Olayinka Adedeji Accounts Payable and Financial Analyst
  • Mrs. Nicole Anderson
    Mrs. Nicole Anderson Revenue Analyst
  • Mr. Chris Chua
    Mr. Chris Chua Director of Finance
  • Mrs. Elaine Curtis
    Mrs. Elaine Curtis Financial Analyst (Revenue)
  • Mr. Ryan Derksen
    Mr. Ryan Derksen Media Manager
  • Mr. Tim Kadun
    Mr. Tim Kadun Manager of Facilities
  • Mr. Andy MacDonald
    Mr. Andy MacDonald Facility Operator
  • Mrs. Elaine Mitchell
    Mrs. Elaine Mitchell Payroll/Benefits & Purchases Administrator
  • Mr. Matt Palsky
    Mr. Matt Palsky Director of Operations
  • Mrs. Charlene Richards
    Mrs. Charlene Richards Finance/HR Manager
  • Mr. Jun Rollon
    Mr. Jun Rollon Facility Operator
  • Mr. Santosh Thomas
    Mr. Santosh Thomas Accountant
  • Mrs. Chioma Aboaja
    Mrs. Chioma Aboaja Database Administrator
  • Mr. Kevin Anderson
    Mr. Kevin Anderson Director of IT
  • Mr. Daniel Fischer
    Mr. Daniel Fischer Network Administrator
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