How do we keep tuition affordable?

Bearspaw Christian School is one of Alberta’s top independent Christian schools. It is also one of the least expensive independent schools in Calgary. BCS relies on important tools to help keep tuition rates down: generous support from stakeholders, capital fee, and a variety of ongoing revenue streams.

Generous Donations
God has blessed many people financially, and these people in turn provide financial support to Bearspaw Christian School through tax-receipted donations.
Capital Fee
Bearspaw Christian School collects a $5,000 Capital Fee as part of its admissions process. This fee is divided into a $2,500 Refundable Bond and a $2,500 non refundable Capital Fee. This money is used to assist BCS with capital costs associated with buildings and facilities.
Development Team
Bearspaw Christian School employs a team of development staff that focuses on generating revenue through donations and business initiatives in order to fund education.
Revenue Streams
Bearspaw Christian School generates significant revenue through facility rentals, summer camps, concessions, sponsorship, advertising, and other initiatives designed to augment the funding to education.


Kindergarten Elementary (Gr 1 to 4) Middle School (Gr 5 to 9) Senior High (Gr 10 to 12)
Tuition $3,000 $7,350 $7,350 $8,350
Family Tuition Maximum
(does not include Additional Fees)
3 students: $18,200 4 students: $19,250 5 students: $20,300

Additional Fees

Activity Fee

Student expenses such as school supplies, subject workbooks, study guides, gym clothes, yearbooks, most options, student council events, activity and field trip costs are covered by a single activity fee. This helps BCS budget effectively and provides convenience for families, eliminating multiple, smaller payments for these items over the course of the year.

$300 for Kindergarten

$400 for Grade 1 to 12

Spiritual Formation Trips in Senior High: Students have an opportunity to participate in several trips intended to develop their personal relationships with Jesus.  Costs will be on a per trip basis and will be due prior to the trip.

Middle and Senior High School Option Fees: There are a few options that may have extra costs associated with student consumables (ie. foods, robotics, outdoor education, etc).

Field Trip Fees:  When classes go on a larger, more substantial field trip an additional fee may be charged to recover expenses.

Extracurricular Athletic Fees: Cost to participate in extracurricular athletics (cost varies per team and sport, $25 to $350).

Graduation Fees:  Students in grade 12 are charged a fee related to graduation expenses.  This fee is $300 for the 2023/2024 school year.

New Family Capital Bond and Fee

Each new family to BCS who enrolls in any grade from Kindergarten to Grade 12 is required to pay a $2,500 refundable Capital Bond and a one-time $2,500 non-refundable Capital Fee. The Capital Bond and Fee are vital for funding essential capital costs and are payable upon enrollment. BCS invites families to donate the $2,500 refundable bond so they may receive a charitable tax receipt in the year of the donation.

Capital Bond and Fee
for families new to BCS
(per family)
$2,500 Refundable Capital Bond $2,500 Non-refundable Capital Fee

Capital Fee

Families new to BCS are required to pay a $5,000 Capital Fee. This one-time fee is charged to each BCS family with one or more children enrolled from Senior Kindergarten to Grade 12. This fee is separate from any tuition and school fees. The Capital Fee is used to assist BCS with capital costs associated with buildings and facilities.  The fee is divided into a $2,500 Refundable Bond (Which will be refunded after the student graduates or withdraws from the school) and a $2,500 non refundable Capital Fee. BCS invites families to donate the $2,500 refundable bond to BCS as a tax receiptable, charitable donation.

The Capital Fee is required at the time of acceptance. We ask that a separate cheque be made payable to Bearspaw Christian School in the amount of $5,000.

Ways to Participate


Provide the $2,500 from a family’s available funds. Refunded at graduation or withdrawal.


Provide a $2,500 donation to Bearspaw Christian School and receive a charitable tax-receipt.

School Tour

If you are interested in enrolling your family at Bearspaw Christian School, you are invited to an individual tour with our Admissions Team. See our school in action, meet our friendly Admissions Team and ask any questions you may have about BCS.

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