Helping students know the love of God and show that love to the world
Discipleship in Elementary
Teaching and modeling the grace and love of our heavenly Father
Elementary Chapel
Coming together to celebrate our life in Christ
Secondary Chapel
Coming together to worship, pray, and hear from God’s Word

What is Discipleship?

BCS defines a disciple as “an individual who has chosen to align their values, priorities, attitudes, behaviours and relationships with the example and teaching of Jesus as expressed in His life and as recorded in His Word and is committed to inviting others to the same journey”.

At BCS, staff and students come alongside each other with the shared goal of strengthening and growing their relationship with Jesus. Our school fosters a culture where students are loved, grace is extended and no one is left to struggle alone. Hebrews 10:24 says, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds”. To this end, BCS infuses student life with Bible curriculum, weekly chapel, missional projects and more.

We believe the Bible is God’s inspired word, and is our final authority for faith and practice. Accordingly, we strive to always point our students back to the Word of God, believing John 17:17 – “Sanctify them with Your truth. Your Word is truth”.

We create opportunities for our students to take Christ’s love outside of our campus and share it with the world around them. Through all aspects of school life and activity, we are there for each other, to celebrate the wins and pick each other up after the setbacks. We know we are all the recipients of God’s grace and love, and our desire is to be agents of that grace and love to each other.

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At BCS, staff and students come alongside each other with the shared goal of strengthening and growing their relationship with Jesus. Our school fosters a culture where students are loved, grace is extended and no one is left to struggle alone.



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Bible Curriculum

We focus on systematically working through the whole Bible at an age and grade appropriate level. In the early years, students learn some foundational teachings and character traits while the high school grades study more specific topics, preparing them for university and life. They cover topics such as world religions, apologetics, ethics, social justice, missions and more.

Spiritual and Mental Health Support

We believe that the Christian life is best lived in the midst of a sharing and caring community. We offer a student support team on campus that facilitate a caring space where students can let their guard down, be real, and embrace God’s love and grace together.

Authentic Christianity

At BCS, we do not want to “add” Christianity to our everyday life, but rather we want every area of our life to be God-honoring; therefore, every aspect of school is an opportunity for discipleship. Teachers embody Christ-like character as they tutor students. Gym class and sports teams emphasize character development, not just athleticism. Discipline issues are addressed with the student’s heart attitude in mind. Questions and challenges about how faith and culture harmonize are welcomed and conversation encouraged. Our goal is for students to own and live their faith both within and beyond their schooling at BCS.

Chapel & Worship

Chapel is a time to come together, study God’s Word and learn to apply its truths to our lives. We worship together with engaging and passionate music led by our student worship teams. In Elementary, each class takes a turn presenting to the school a biblical truth their class has been studying. In Secondary, the teaching time may be a message from God’s Word, a question and answer time on how faith and culture interact, or a time of prayer and encouragement. Through every format, our goal is to come together as students and staff and glorify God.

Spiritual Formation Trips

  • Guatemala International Mission Trip
  • Guatemala International Mission Trip

The hope for the Spiritual Formation Trips is to provide opportunities for all high school students to take part in the trips throughout their time in high school at BCS. The heart behind it is to provide various opportunities for students to grow in their journeys with Jesus by stepping away from “normal life.” These trips take place locally, across Canada, and around the globe. By participating in these experiences, students have the opportunity to grow in vulnerability with God and their peers in different and meaningful ways. 

Special Events

  • Discipleship Special Events
  • Discipleship Special Events
  • Discipleship Special Events

Throughout the year, we desire to augment our normal school activities and curriculum with special events. These include discipleship days, special speakers, parent equipping events, worship nights, etc.

Special events serve as a great way to build both community and our faith.

Are you a BCS Parent or Student?

Visit the BCS Discipleship Portal to stay connected with the Discipleship Team. Find information about both upcoming and past events, as well as resources and materials, designed to equip you to disciple your children.

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