Each year Bearspaw Christian School receives many more applications from potential students seeking admissions than we are able to accommodate. Creating wait pools allows students to remain in consideration for admissions should space become available in their respective grade. To be considered, applications must be submitted in their entirety.

FAQ’s About Wait Pools

My child's application was placed in the wait pool. What does this mean?

This means that BCS has received more applications for your child’s grade level than we are able to accommodate. Offer of enrollment have been made for all open spaces and a wait pool has been created for the remaining students. This will allow these applicants an opportunity to remain in consideration for enrollment should space become available.

Why was my child's application placed in the wait pool?

BCS has been blessed over the past years to be running at full capacity. In order to keep our student-teacher ratios low we cap the number of students in each grade.

When will I know if my child will be offered a space in their grade?

Our school operates at capacity and space is created when current students withdraw. Students can withdraw anytime between February – June, sometimes we even have students withdrawing into September. Unfortunately, it’s hard for us to predict when a student will be withdrawing from BCS.

What is the probability of wait pool applicants being invited for enrollment?

It varies each year, depending on the number of current students withdrawing from a grade. It is possible that at least two or three openings will become available at each grade level.

Are wait pool applicants ranked in any way?

Bearspaw Christian School does give priority to current student’s siblings, but this does not guarantee admission. As space becomes available in a grade our Admissions Team considers class balance, makeup and educational needs in the classroom. The Admissions Team then reviews all the application packages in the wait pool.

What if one of my children is placed in the wait pool and one is offered admissions?

Most families in this situation see BCS as their family’s long-term choice, so they accept the offer being made for one child – even if that means having their children in two different schools for a period of time. Please note that when you accept an admissions offer and enroll, your family is committing to a binding enrollment agreement that carries with it significant fees for withdrawing at a later date. It is important that a family is committed to sending the one student to BCS, regardless of if their other child is pulled out of the wait pool.

Can my child do anything to strengthen their chances of being selected from the wait pool?

We recognize and appreciate the quality of their application already and no additional action is needed.

If my child is not selected from the wait pool, will we be welcome to apply again next year?

Absolutely! We would love the opportunity to welcome your family to BCS in the future and will work with you to reapply for admission. In November you will be sent the following school year’s application, we ask that you fill out and provide any updated documents required. You will not need to pay the application fee again.

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