God has entrusted us with this moment in our school’s history. The need for us to work faithfully together now is great – this is truly a time for making an investment in eternity. Your generous contribution is a gift that will keep on giving long after it has been made.

On behalf of Bearspaw Christian School, we sincerely thank you for your support of our Creating Spaces: Equipping Kids capital campaign!

Tomorrow at BCS

In our continuing quest to equip students to be actively Transforming Our World for Christ, we must grow our facility.

A newer and larger school facility will create:

  • More space for building community and fellowship
  • More space for physical fitness
  • Spaces for band, choir, fine arts, and drama
  • Worship and Prayer space

A larger school facility will also allow us to expand our educational offerings beyond academics for University and College preparation. We plan to open enrollment to more students with a variety of interests and needs, including programs in:

  • Vocational Training – such as Industrial Arts, Food Studies, and Mechanics
  • Special Needs
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Fine Arts
  • Athletics
  • Christian Ministry
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As a Private, Independent Christian School, we have the means and the desire to be innovative in providing many different educational opportunities to the greater Calgary community. With expanded facilities, we envision opportunities to provide such programs as:

  • Tutoring for students to reach their personal best
  • Continuing Education and Upgrading for parents and adults
  • Teacher Training
  • Mission and Service opportunities to local and international communities
  • Pre-School Programs
  • Virtual and Online Schooling
  • Leadership Development Courses
  • A Christian College / University
  • Family Development Courses

Bearspaw Christian School is putting into action a plan that we believe can make all this, and more, possible over the next several years.

The Need For Creating More Spaces

Over the past thirty years, Bearspaw Christian School has grown into a community of over 720+ students attending our school from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.  Since building our original building, our campus has expanded to include 12,000 plus square feet of modular classrooms, and a 28,000 State-Of-The-Art Multi-Purpose Facility.  Despite these expansions, Bearspaw Christian School continue to grow at a rapid pace.

  • We need space to train our students for evangelistic outrach to transform the world;
  • We need space to grow our music, drama, art and vocational programs, and expand our educational and evangelistic offerings;
  • We need space to join with our families and nurture community through events such as Christmas concerts, graduation ceremonies and fellowship opportunities

Our focus is not on constructing buildings but on developing programs and opportunities to equip our students to be actively Transforming Our World!

Our Plan

Phase 1

Status: Complete

Bearspaw Christian School opened its 28,000 square foot Multi-Purpose Facility in February 2011. This new State-Of-The-Art Multi-Purpose Facility is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified Silver, and includes two gymnasiums, a full-service fitness centre, a concession service, and is home to the majority of BCS Secondary classes.

Phase 2- Early Childhood Services

Status: Talking To Architects / Finishing Business Case

Bearspaw Christian School is currently planning for Phase II of its Capital Campaign – “Creating Spaces.” We are currently in the preliminary stages of working with our architects to define our specific requirements which will lead to building drawings plus, we are updating our site plan.

Our school is full and has been for the last several years. At the same time, we are located in a centre of major residential development intended to house about 150 thousand new Calgarians. All of these new homes are within easy reach of our school. We don’t intend to turn these new families and their children away.

Thankfully, through the foresight and vision of previous school leaders, we have been blessed with a 38 acre campus ensuring space for uncrowded expansion.

We anticipate Phase II will add roughly 20 thousand sq ft including 8 to 10 new classrooms. This will provide space for another 200 students. We expect this new space will enable us to expand the services we offer families to include their preschool children, plus help them with their child care needs. Additionally, we plan to us some of the space for new classrooms making room for growth in our grade school population.

We have chosen this building size because we believe it matches closely to our growth needs so we can remain open to new families seeking Discipleship based Education, while at the same time provides a reasonable financial hurdle for our fund raising.

Stay tuned as we expect to have exciting updates in the fall.

Future Facilities In Planning

Early Childhood Services Centre: A kid-centric destination daycare for the community will be home to the littelist BCS’ers. The Fully Certified and Accredited program will put your child’s needs first, while providing a much needed and trusted care provider for families looking for a solution to provide care for their children outside of standard school hours.

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